Welcome to my visual storyboard.

I’m Eva, a 25-year-old dreamer and observer from the Czech Republic.

Since childhood, I’ve felt a calling to observe and capture moments, unnoticed and unseen. Seamlessly blending into the moment, undisturbed by my own presence. Photography feels, to me, as the perfect medium. Although I also enjoy merging images with sound and transforming them into simple stop-motion videos.

My personal favorite theme is the urban landscape. A constant dialogue between my inner self and the bustling world around me. Seeking balance, I uncover unnoticed compositions in the busy, hectic, man-made environment. Light and shadow are powerful elements guiding my meditative journeys.

I strongly dwell on memories and so my mission in event and emotion photography is to capture the atmosphere as authentic as possible. 

If you’re interested in creating something together, whether it’s a unique project or capturing a moment, feel free to reach out. I’m open-minded and enthusiastic about diverse collaborations.

Let’s craft something meaningful together.